Joe Kloc
Reporter & senior editor at Harper’s, finalist for the 2019 National Magazine Award for Feature Writing, and the author of Lost at Sea, which will be published by Dey Street in 2024.

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from my unpublished animal series


The Golden Fleece
  Harper’s, 2023, pdf
Lost at Sea
  Harper’s, 2019, pdf
Eviction Notice
  Guardian, 2023, pdf
  New York Times Magazine, 2023, pdf
Come and Get It
  Harper’s, 2022, pdf
Fish Story
  Paris Review Daily, 2017, pdf
They Put Him in the Freezer
  Paris Review Daily, 2014, pdf
The Color and Pageantry of Turtle Racing
  Believer, 2014, pdf
Tower of Babble
  Harper’s, 2017, pdf
Trump’s Party
  Harper’s, 2016, pdf
Tunnel Vision
  Newsweek, 2014, pdf
Nary a Drop to Drink
  Newsweek, 2014, pdf
Twilight People
  Paris Review Daily, 2012, pdf
The Case of the Missing Moon Rocks
  Atavist, 2012, illustrations, pdf

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