Joe Kloc

Writer. Lives here; works here; drinks here; grew up here; agrees with this & this; fears this. Notes. Contact me: Email & Twitter.

Selected work:

The Believer

The Color & Pageantry of Thoroughbred Turtle Racing

Profile of Mitch Cohen, an 80-year-old street performer who has raced turtles in New York since the 1960s.

The Paris Review Daily

They Put Him in the Freezer

Barflies at the Blarney Cove reflect on the 30 years the spent together in the old Alphabet City pub.

Twilight People

"I've got a lot of blanks in my life," said Z, a Greenwich Villager in his 60's who chose a life of wandering.


The Regulars

A decade after Suspenders lost 70% of its regulars in 9/11, the Manhattan neighborhood bar is forced to close.

The Tunnel King

Profile of Bob Diamond, a Brooklyn man who spent 30 years searching for John Wilkes Booth's diary beneath the city.

Go East, Young Renters

Patricia Kerman moved to California in the summer of 1969. Four decades later, San Francisco's rapid gentrification is forcing her out.

Nary a Drop to Drink

The chemical spill in West Virginia poisoned the water, and with it locals' trust in the industries that have sustained and plundered it.

The Atavist

The Case of the Missing Moon Rocks

Profile of Joe Gutheinz, a former NASA investigator determined to rescue moon rocks from the black market.